why callzilla?

Partner centric

Our objective is to serve our clients better than any other contact center. We do what we say we are going to do and come through for you. We strive to go beyond expectations and make suggestions that can better performance.

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Experience experts

We see every touch point as an opportunity to understand and engage with your customers. Earning their trust and satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do and how we create a exceptional customer experience.

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Data driven

We measure everything. Capturing and creating data allows our clients to know with granularity what customers are doing and saying, what they want, and how we perform. This data is the cornerstone of our client relationship.

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Clear communicators

Our agents speak accent-neutral Spanish or English to respond to customer preferences. Clear, easy communication translates into better results: efficient resolution of inquiries and maximum acquisition.


Quality focused

Emphasis on quality means we ensure our agents perform their tasks as expected. Our quality assurance processes strictly monitor and evaluate what agents say and do and act as a filter and benchmark to lift overall results.

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Time tested

At many contact centers, nearly all agents leave within one year. Here, agent turnover is among the lowest in the industry. When agents are motivated and feel invested, they stay longer, and that translates into better results.

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We help leading brands acquire and care for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking customers, placing the utmost priority on quality. We strive to be a true extension of our clients’ brands, providing meaningful ongoing guidance, and delivering optimal customer experiences across all communication channels resulting in exceptional customer satisfaction, resolution, and brand loyalty. Because for us, it’s about the customer relationships we make – and keep. 



Callzilla emphasizes training, education, monitoring, and evaluation of our front-line team of agents and leaders. We maintain a corporate and operational culture of measurement, benchmarking, continuous improvement, high quality, focus on results, and the autonomy and empowerment of our team.  Our work environment helps employees achieve optimal productivity. We encourage questioning and reflection, new ideas, innovation, and participation at every level, which enables us to consistently perform with integrity, honesty, respect for others, and empathy.



  • Neal Topf, President
  • Ryan Romero, Executive Vice President, Sales
  • Fabiana Ordonez, Finance
  • Sylvia S. Caballero, Client Services
  • Natalia Diaz, General Manager
  • Liliana Ramirez, Quality Assurance & Training
  • Omar Moreno, Technology
  • Steve Garavito, Operations
  • Sandra Valenzuela, Systems
  • Human Resources
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Our Contact Center


Our nearshore contact center is located in Bogota, Colombia where we have 400 workstations operating 24/7/365. This state-of-the-art facility boasts robust features and scalability. Turnkey solutions include ACD, CTI, call recording, scripting, reporting, CRM, IVR, predictive dialer, web-based analytics, and social media monitoring.

Each workstation is connected to a high-speed internet connection and a Windows-based PC and flat screen monitor. Workstations are ergonomically designed to facilitate the comfort and productivity of our agents.

Our expert team includes over 400 call center agents, supervisors, QA monitors, trainers, managers and other support staff. This number continues to grow with the success of our business and our clients’ understanding of the importance of partnering with the right near-shore contact center for their Hispanic and English- customer needs.

Our Technology


Callzilla utilizes state-of-the-art technology to be able to transmit calls and customer-related interactions from point of origin to point of termination. Callzilla’s mission critical infrastructure is housed in Miami, Florida in NAP of the Americas.

Our strategic decision to base our technology platform in NAP of the Americas empowers us to interconnect with every major telecommunications carrier and internet provider in the world as well as gives us a source of redundant power. This means that our clients benefit by our ability to work without telecommunications or IT restrictions. Our clients can rest assured that we have ample redundancy and backups in case of power outages or weather-related disasters.


Callzilla utilizes state-of-the-art VOIP telecommunications technology to move calls and interactions from point A to point B. Housed in Miami, Florida, Callzilla’s telecommunications switch is interconnected with the multiple US and Latin American carriers, allowing for redundancy and flexibility. We possess multiple internet links which also permits flexibility and backup and allows for the robust routing of traffic.

We can provide you with our own Toll Free numbers, local phone numbers and terminate long distance calls in any country in the world. We can also provide SMS short codes and SMS terminations.


Our mission is to compile, utilize, and analyze data in a way that allows us to better represent your brand and company in the market place. The data we compile will be shared with you to help make decisions and illustrate how Hispanics perceive and react to your brand/company/product as customers and potential customers.

Our reporting comes in many shapes and flavors. The common denominator is that we will report to you using many of the industry standard metrics as well as any other KPIs that your organization wishes to measure and view. Our reporting is flexible and can be tailored to your company’s unique wish list.

Call Monitoring

Once your project is ready to begin, Callzilla® will set up a client log in and monitoring access portal for you. This simple process entails downloading easy-to-use program that provides our clients everything they need to monitor their campaigns at their convenience, all with the use of top-notch call center software.

PCI Compliance

Network security and data protection technology is of critical importance to Callzilla. We have achieved PCI Compliance (PCI DSS) status as required by the Payment Card Industry, implementing mandated best practices to ensure the protection of any and all customer data and payment card information obtained or viewed by us in the course of providing service to our clients.

Quality Assurance


We continually measure the quality of our production.

Our Quality Assurance (QA) program is a proprietary measurement tool that we utilize to evaluate and score the qualitative performance of our agents. A pre-determined percentage of calls from each client program are evaluated daily. This daily sample is sufficiently ample to provide us with a vision of how well we perform each of the designated tasks that have determined are important to the success of that client program. Each task is evaluated as an individual line item and scored individually.

Our QA team monitors calls and customer interactions both in real time and afterwards, by listening to and evaluating our digital call recordings. These call recordings are made available to all of our clients so they may listen to their campaigns and make any modifications if necessary.

Our evaluations are performed on an individual call level basis, agent basis, shift (time of day) basis, program/campaign basis and other variables that allow us to take data samples and benchmark our performance against the criteria and standards that we set.

Why Near Shore?


If you are like most companies, you understand the operational challenges and practical benefits of outsourcing your Hispanic and English-speaking contact center. But partnering with a proven near shore contact center can help you mitigate potential risks and offer your business a number of competitive advantages including:

  • Location: Having an English or Spanish contact center closer to home allows for more frequent site visits while reducing the travel time and costs.
  • Communication: Contact center agents that possess the bilingual skills and share the cultural similarities to build a meaningful rapport with your North American customers.
  • Quality: Agents that are enthusiastic about their jobs, interested in staying long-term and become highly proficient in handling a variety of customer support needs.
  • Control: Maintain operational control of contact center processes and agents to ensure consistent execution of your brand strategy managed by your U.S. team.
  • Awards: We are proud to be recognized for the work we are passionate about. Our team has made a commitment to providing an exceptional customer experience at every point of contact. We judge our performance by our clients’ satisfaction and see our awards as a shared success. 
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