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Call center outsourcing size

Call Center Outsourcing

Callzilla is a full service contact center. Although we now offer automated services and support tools, we also continue to provide traditional live-agent call center services. In this section, you’ll find details on what we offer for Customer Service, Technical Support, Inbound and Outbound Telesales, Lead Generation, and Collections.

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Automated services size

Automated Services

These automated services will help your business transition into the digital age of today. These services can be used on their own, or as tier 1 support in conjunction with your live agents. Click below to see details for our ChatBot, VoiceBot, SMS and WhatsApp services, Voice Broadcast Messaging, and Automated Callback services.

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Speech Analytics size

Speech Analytics

Speech Analytics is the process of transcribing and analyzing recorded calls to highlight valuable intelligence. Callzilla partners with Observe.AI to utilize this technology in our Quality Assurance process.

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Internal support programs size

Internal Support Programs

These services are available to all clients, and utilized by team members on a daily basis. These tools for training, workforce management, and reporting allow us to provide clients and internal teams with the best possible data and capabilities for success.

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Security and certifications size

Security and Certifications

Security of our client and customer data is of the utmost importance to us, and we work hard to obtain the latest in compliance certifications. Callzilla is currently PCI Level II compliant, SOC II Level II compliant, and ISO:9001 2015 certified.

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Work from home size

Work From Home

In addition to our 2 physical sites in Bogotá, Colombia, Callzilla also offers a work-from-home program.

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