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Media giant turns to Callzilla for customer care outsourcing

Summary: A top music producer outsourced handling of sales and customer care calls related to a popular artist. After the first 90 days, FCR was 93%, CSat was 95%, and the client expanded the engagement to add email and live chat.

In house vs. outsourcing customer care

Most online shoppers never pick up the phone to reach out to an online retailer. But plenty need to know—even if subconsciously—that they could reach a real person. If they lack that confidence, or they have a bad experience with trying to contact customer care, they may not only abandon their shopping cart or subscription but also spread their negative impression via social media.

This was the context in which the company approached Callzilla. They had an in-house group handing customer care and sales for one of its most popular product lines, but the group could not keep up.An executive at the company suggested bringing in customer experience experts in order to scale.

He had some convincing to do. Some of his colleagues were skeptical that an outside call center could or would provide the kind of high quality interactions that an in-house team provides. (And we don't blame them—see our article "Hustle: Customer Service Shortcuts Get Companies Stuck in Ugly Places).

Focus on experience quality

But the executive pointed out that customer satisfaction was not being measured, so the organization was essentially operating on a hunch regarding the customer perceptions. If quality was a top priority, he argued, they needed to get serious about measuring it.

If quality was a top priority, he argued, they needed to get serious about measuring it.

They needed to pair with the right outsourced contact center. This would be the first time that an outside contact center would be handling customer care for the act's music downloads, CDs, DVDs, subscriptions and merchandise.

Project Brief provides actionable roadmap

The client received a detailed Project Brief from Callzilla, containing specifics on how to benchmark and continuously improve customer satisfaction. Elements included:

  • Specifics on Callzilla's phone coverage for any issues with account management, billing support, product returns, customer retention, and order fulfillment
  • Details on the unique skill set we would be selecting for among hundreds of Callzilla agents
  • Access and coordination we needed in order to integrate systems and do testing
  • Step by step planning on how we'd structure training and communications to prepare the reps, their supervisors, the contact center manager, and the client services team
  • Particulars of an incentive program that aligned incentives with the client's customer satisfaction improvement goals
  • How reports would look, when and how we would closely collaborate on reviewing results and performance data and ensure Callzilla's services met the client's needs


Benchmarking CSat

The very first step was to implement customer satisfaction surveys, to establish a baseline, report meaningful results after launch, and continuously finetune customer interactions.

Choosing the right KPIs

Overall, Callzilla focused on resolution-per-contact, cost-per-resolved contact, and cost-per-satisfied contact. That put a premium on the customer's actual experience instead of minutes and seconds. In addition, every agent and supervisor had target Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution scores, and got prizes and recognition when they hit their goals.

Each mission-critical task had its own line item and was scored individually.

Matching talent with client needs

No two clients are exactly alike, and the same goes for agents. We refined the requirements for agents on the account. Among many other things, the agents we selected had to be fluent in both English and Spanish, have clear written expression, a high degree of empathy, and experience interacting via any channel with tech-savvy customers.

Building in training and motivation

Agents and role-played various scenarios, familiarizing with common issues, how to escalate in cases they couldn't resolve themselves, the features of our client's offering, and more. We also integrated e-learning and gamification into the client's solution to enhance agent engagement. The shared vision was to reinforce team and individual engagement and ensure positive feedback through social collaboration, support from a gamified platform, and a feeling of recognition.

Meticulous scoring for sound insights

Each mission-critical task had its own line item and was scored individually. Our evaluations were performed on an individual call level basis, agent basis, shift (time of day) basis, program/campaign basis and other variables. This approach allowed us to take data samples and benchmark our performance against the criteria and standards that we agreed on with the client.


Today Callzilla provides phone coverage for any issues with account management, billing support, product returns, customer retention, and order fulfillment.

  • Callzilla answers 90 percent of calls in 10 seconds or less
  • Customer satisfaction is 95 percent
  • We are able to resolve 93 percent of customer issues on first contact
  • Impressed with Callzilla's handing of phone coverage in the first 90 days, the client plans to add email and live chat channels

“Over the years, having dealt with all types of customer service issues with the utilization of call centers, I can easily state that the above situation was resolved to my utmost satisfaction and the process in obtaining my replacement order was seamless.”

Letter our client received from one of its customers after interacting with a Callzilla rep

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