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A leading provider of resin-based household and garden consumer products increased their CSAT results by 21% in just 90 days.

A leading provider of resin-based household and garden consumer products was unhappy with the current level of Customer Experience. Callzilla increased the client's CSAT results by 21% in just 90 days and decreased the client's AHT by 34% in just 30 days.

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Commercial Lender Extends Funding Offers 30% Faster with CALLZILLA BPO™

A merchant lender was disappointed with performance at its India-based contact center. Callzilla cut turnaround time on its offers by 30% and improved accuracy by 20%.

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Top skin care brand chooses CALLZILLA CARE™, Average Order Value Rises 200%

A company selling skin care products globally was struggling with sales to Spanish speakers. Callzilla reversed the slide, and the client expanded our role.

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Media Giant Outsources Top Band's Customer Care & Sales for the First Time, to Callzilla®

A top music producer asked Callzilla to support sales and customer care for one of the most prominent bands in history. Callzilla upgraded their customer care within weeks.

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A high performance skincare brand partnered with Callzilla to design a video chat service. The potential revenue increase by 83% when using Callzilla’s video chat channel.

 A high performance skincare brand partnered with Callzilla to design a video chat service that would mimic in-person consultations in a time when brick and mortar stores were closed. Callzilla’s video chat service brought 12% higher conversion rate than traditional channels and insured little to no interruption in revenue.

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Multimedia Firm Chooses CALLZILLA CARE™, First Contact Resolution Rises 20%

A CD, DVD and book retailer added Callzilla to its roster of two existing contact centers. Callzilla outperformed the other centers on quality, performance and cost.

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Software Firm Improves Call Conversions from 2% to 16% with CALLZILLA CARE™

A software firm was working with another call center, but conversions and order value lagged the market. In 6 months, Callzilla outperformed the other center and replaced them.

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Broadcaster Chooses CALLZILLA CARE™, Average Response Time Improves 96%

A global sports network was taking an average of three days to respond to customers' emails. Within 90 days of hiring Callzilla, average response time dropped by 96%.

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Callzilla revamped the ChatBot for a high profile Ed-Tech client with a goal of improving customer experience and decreasing costs by 34% for the year.

We measured the bot's performance over 4 months based on it's self-learning capabilities and some manual optimization, and compared it to the year's performance overall. In this case study, you’ll find 34% Improvement in ChatBot's Solve Rate, 38% Decrease in Live Agent Escalations, 43% Cost Savings for the Year and 125% of Additional Savings in Q4 as Compared to Q2 Driven by Bot's Self-Learning Capabilities.

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Apparel Retailer Improves QA Scores in 60 Days with CALLZILLA CARE™

An apparel retailer tapped Callzilla for extra help during the holiday rush. In 60 days, we outperformed their other center on QA scores and other metrics.

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Auto Seller Raises Direct Response Campaign ROI with CALLZILLA OUTREACH™

An auto reseller's contact center was underperforming. Within two months of being hired, Callzilla outperformed its predecessor across the board.

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Wireless Giant Improves Saves, First Contact Resolution, with Use of CALLZILLA CARE™

A U.S. wireless carrier had been outsourcing to call centers in the Philippines, India, Palestine, and Ohio. In 7 months, Callzilla outperformed all on first contact resolution.

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