Inside the Quality-First Contact Center

Welcoming Ramiro Peñaloza as Callzilla’s Senior Director of Operations

Callzilla is proud to welcome a new member to our family! We’re very happy to have Ramiro Penaloza as our new Senior Director of Operations. Ramiro is a family man that comes to us with years of experience in managing multicultural teams. His client-focused approach to operations management will ensure our performance efforts continue on track; honing in on small details while always keeping the bigger picture in mind.

Callzilla Customer Service Week

With 2020 playing out as it has, it was more important than ever to celebrate our hard working team members during Customer Service week. Customer Service Week is an annual reminder of how vital excellent customer service is to an organization’s success, especially this year with our front line agents facing so many challenges. Here at Callzilla, we’re happy to share how we celebrated our team last week, both on site and virtually.

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Location Is Everything in Call Center Outsourcing

Top Call Center Outsourcing Companies understand that the location of their sites is critical. The ability to attract and hire experienced talent for front line as well as lower, mid and senior management positions dictate a contact center’s ability to operate and scale successfully.

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What is the Correct Way to Outsource Customer Service?

Customer Service outsourcing is both an art and a science. Outsourcing customer service does not alleviate all problems and can easily create additional problems if not planned correctly. This post will share what is important to know before working with a call center and contact center outsourcing provider.

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Callzilla’s Monthly Team Member Spotlight: Meet Alex Cubas!

What makes Callzilla special is the people who work here, so we wanted to pull back the curtains and give you a closer look at our hard working, talented staff. We’re starting a new segment in our monthly newsletter, which will be lead by Alex Cubas. Alex is a Trilingual Agent on the Consumer Advocacy team for one of our brands, but he’s also a talented writer! He will be introducing you to his peers and different members of Callzilla’s staff in his interview segments for our newsletter. First, we need to introduce you to our friend, Alex!

Speech Analytics Technology: Callzilla's Revolutionary Evaluation of Quality and Customer Experience

Speech Analytics is the future of quality monitoring for Call Centers, and Callzilla is jumping right in! We have partnered with Observe.AI to automate tedious quality assurance tasks and receive faster actionable insights on a broader spectrum. Observe.AI performs a deep analysis of each audio recording, and gives us human-like insight on the result of that call. Our QA Monitors are able to quickly identify pain points based on the system’s analysis, and focus their time on providing Agent feedback and improving processes. We’re going to give you a run down on how the process works.

How Does Contact Center Outsourcing Help a Business?

Contact center outsourcing allows business to focus on their core competencies and effectively manage human resource and IT cost centers to enable enhanced and sustainable business growth.Businesses aren’t experts at everything. Its natural for businesses to have competencies and value propositions. 

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4 Ways Call Center Outsourcing will help your company deliver superior customer service

Should my company have its own call center or should it outsource it? When setting up a call center, companies face numerous challenges like rising costs for wages, costs related to recruiting, training, coaching, and all the processes related to retaining talent. Companies also face increasing complexity in offering high quality service in an omni-channel environment demanded by customers. There is no customer service easy button, yet customer service call center outsourcing positions a company to be successful in managing its costs and in improving customer experience.

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Social Awareness

A lot of people in our field are repeating the same social media content. That's OK. The problem is the people who aren't.

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Building a High-Performance Call Center Culture

We had the opportunity to host this week's ICMI chat on Twitter, which worked out perfectly with Customer Service Week. This week's well-attended session was on Creating High Performance Culture. 

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