Rewards and Incentives in the Spanish Call Center

Rewards and incentives in the Spanish call center – what is the difference between these? This week’s #ICMIchat kicked up some debate. Do rewards lead to engagement? How do we measure engagement? Can you be satisfied and not engaged? A … Continue reading

Agent Engagement in the Outsourced Spanish Contact Center

Agent engagement in the outsourced Spanish contact center was the topic of this week’s ICMIchat. Questions included, “How do you measure agent engagement and satisfaction?” and “What’s the difference between engagement and satisfaction?” Many great points were made and all … Continue reading

How to Build a High Performance Contact Center Culture: The Power Hour of Insight

We had the opportunity to host this week’s ICMI chat on Twitter, which worked out perfectly with Customer Service Week. This week’s well-attended session was on Creating High Performance Culture. While our day-to-day role is to cultivate a high performing culture within our … Continue reading

Contact Center Agent Culture and Morale: #ICMIchat Recap

This week’s weekly #ICMIchat twitter chat centered on how to build a high performance contact center agent culture and agent morale. It was a well attended chat, and as a nearshore outsourced call center, my interest in the topic lies … Continue reading

The Future of Self Service in the Nearshore Call Center: ICMI Chat Recap

Self service and the future of customer care was our topic for this week’s ICMI chat. Questions included, “What is the current state of self service? Where is it going? How will it change?” Check out the video below for … Continue reading

Self Service Contact Center Technology: ICMI Chat Recap

This week’s ICMI Chat on Twitter dove deeper into self service contact center technology, specifically defining what actions make it work effectively and which actions cause self service to fail. It was determined in the chat that many industries such … Continue reading

Metrics That Matter to the Outsourced Spanish Contact Center: an Interview with ICMI

Callzilla President, Neal Topf, has been an enthusiastic and eager participant in International Customer Management Institute’s (ICMI) weekly Twitter chats.  The chats are attended by fellow industry leaders discussing topics that evolve on a monthly basis covering contact center trends … Continue reading

How to Measure Success with Self Service: ICMI Chat Recap

Callzilla has been participating in weekly chats on Twitter, hosted by the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI). The chats provide great opportunities to spend an hour a week networking and sharing ideas with the call center industry’s most influential thought … Continue reading

Customer Care is NOT a Small World After All

I’ve been around what seems like the world in the last 2 weeks, including a stopover at Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and I feel like I’ve seen it all in the spectrum of customer care and customer experience: the awful, the … Continue reading

Gamification in the Contact Center

Callzilla is a strong supporter of gamification in the contact center. With a younger workforce drawn to stimulation and interactive learning, we have found a creative solution that engages agents by fostering an atmosphere where learning and training are ‘always on’ and … Continue reading

Customer Service Lessons: Was the Comcast Thing Really That Bad?

Did I grab your attention with that ridiculous question? YES, it was bad, but it’s not so simple. In case you haven’t seen it, you can view it here. In this scenario it’s important to understand the customer service backdrop … Continue reading

Leveraging Contact Center e-Learning and Gamification with Human Capital is a Winning Formula

Last week the ICMI hosted a twitter chat (#ICMIChat) which focused on contact center eLearning and Gamification in the contact center. Underpinned by your contact center technology and your human capital, it’s a fascinating topic and one that is evolving … Continue reading

The Nearshore Call Center: Reflections on Call Center Week 2014

Mission accomplished. As a first time attendee, I made the exhausting red eye flight home from Call Center Week in Las Vegas asking if my attendance was worth it. I had mixed emotions – the trip was productive in many … Continue reading

Is the Spanish Contact Center The New Black (Licorice)?

“Not everybody likes licorice, but the people that like licorice, really like licorice.” – Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead So said a famous rock and roll guitarist describing the band he played in — that band’s following, while not the … Continue reading

Callzilla Agent is a Finalist for Best Contact Center Agent Award

What Defines a Great Call Center Agent? Highly competent: Agents who consistently service or assist customers complete transactions efficiently and effectively. Highly empathetic: Agents who can put “themselves in the customers shoes” to understand issues and then propose solutions. Highly … Continue reading

Children International and Callzilla: A Values Driven Partnership

Every year, Callzilla contributes a Children International, an important partner to Callzila. It is a phenomenal organization, and we’d highly recommend you check out their website to learn more about them - As part of our partnership with Children International, … Continue reading

ICMI Recognizes Callzilla as Award Finalist for Best Contact Center Outsourcing Partnership

Following a highly competitive application process, the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) selected Callzilla, the leader in Hispanic Customer Engagement and our client, Rosetta Stone, as a finalist for Best Contact Center Outsourcing Partnership award category. Winners will be announced … Continue reading

Callzilla en Portafolio!

Callzilla was proudly highlighted in the Columbian business press this week. Portafolio, the most prestigious local print and on-line business publication covered the expansion of our new state-of-the-art new contact center site in Bogota, Colombia. The piece was part of an article … Continue reading

How to Select a Spanish Language Contact Center for the U.S. Hispanic Consumer Market

A Spanish language contact center shares many of the same attributes as any other contact center in the world, with some important exceptions. An essential criteria for any company doing business on shore (in the U.S.), is deep understanding, training, … Continue reading

Top Trends in the Hispanic Consumer Market and Marketing to Hispanics

How effectively is your company communicating with your Hispanic customers? According to research from State of the Hispanic Consumer Market by Experian, discretionary spending of Hispanic households grew 14% in 2012 ($164.2 billion) while spending among non-Hispanic households remained relatively flat. … Continue reading

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