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Quality is our focus

With Callzilla in your corner, you can out-service your competition. Across all programs, our First Contact Resolution rate is 90% and Customer Satisfaction score is 92%. We measure what matters to you, and report on performance against your key performance indicators (KPIs). Learn more about Callzilla quality→

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Performance is our strength

We beat onshore and offshore providers on Customer Satisfaction (CSat) and First Call Resolution. We earned the 2016 Top 5 Best Agent recognition from the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) and the 2016 MVP Quality Award (Silver) from TMC's Customer Magazine. View awards

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Passion for customer experience

At a typical call center, nearly all agents leave within 1 year.  At Callzilla, it's the opposite. Our year over year retention: 83% — in the world's top tier! We use a 9 step hiring process, 3 week initial immersion, client-specific training, and 1:1 coaching to ensure consistently exceptional interactions with your customers. View services→

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Professional guidance at every step

Adding or transitioning to Callzilla usually takes just 2-4 weeks. First, you meet with us to discuss milestones, requirements, KPIs, and timing. Then you review a thorough project brief and provide access for testing and integrations. We finetune customer interactions to exactly meet your needs, and start delivering tailored reports. Get started→