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Callzilla helps enterprises build their competitive edge by providing world-class care to their customers. Please contact us if you have any questions: 855-CLL-ZLLA.

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Callzilla focuses on experience-oriented key performance indicators (KPIs). At minimum, supervisors monitor 10% of program volume per week, and 10% of each agent’s volume per week. We also tie supervisor and agent compensation to KPIs, and foster friendly competition with a second center.

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We beat onshore and offshore providers on Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution. We earned 2016 Top Agents recognition from the International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) and 2016 Quality MVP (Silver) from Customer Magazine.

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Contact center culture direct affects customer experience. At a typical call center, nearly all agents leave within 1 year. At Callzilla, it's the opposite. Our year over year retention is in the world's top tier! We use a 9-step hiring process, 3-week initial immersion, client-specific training, and 1:1 coaching to ensure consistently exceptional interactions with your customers.


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