• Consumer Brands

    Providing B-to-C marketers multi-channel communication tools to acquire and care for Hispanic customers.

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  • Agencies & Media Buyers

    Empowering agencies and media buyers with high quality call center and contact center solutions to boost Hispanic campaign results with customized reporting and real-time data.

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  • Direct Response & Direct-To-Consumer

    Conversion, Average Order value. Continuity. Long Form and short form. We speak the language of direct sales and customer care for direct response and D-T-C.

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  • Welcome to Callzilla, Your Spanish Call Center

    Spanish Call Center

    Callzilla is the Spanish Call Center partner of choice for leading global consumer brands.

    Since 2005 we’ve successfully handled 5 million Hispanic customer care and customer acquisition calls for our clients across a variety of U.S. Hispanic consumer industries. Our flexible, live agent and automated solutions improve your company’s Hispanic customer experience scores.

    Our Spanish Call Center handles calls, IVR, chat, SMS, email, social media – all focused on acquiring and caring for Hispanic customers, improving Hispanic customer brand loyalty for your brand.

    In the United States, the Hispanic population has grown to more than 50 million last year (Download Top Trends in the Hispanic Consumer Market). It is very likely your company has seen a significant increase of Hispanic consumers to your business. This further explains the need for a reliable, qualified and competent Spanish Call Center to help you better serve these customers.

    The true secret to outstanding call center service is well-defined communication to meet the client’s needs. It is vital to understand what your
    Hispanic consumers have to say and to empathize with their needs. Aside from this, if you mirror your callers and speak the same language – they
    end up being more at ease and having confidence in you which ultimately translates into a happier customer.

  • Why Is Callzilla the Right Spanish Call Center for You?

    • • We have faith that we are the best at what we do.
    • • We have agents that speak the most accent neutral Spanish of the Spanish-speaking world. Simple, distinct and effortless communication means a boost in close rates, improved customer service, optimum client acquisition, more effective direct response measurements and a productive resolution.
    • • We own and run our own software which provides us the versatility and quicker implementation to start programs and to make various adjustments to scripts.
    • • We take pride in high quality, error-free reporting allowing our clientele to assess, analyze and develop their marketing campaigns.
    • • We possess the expertise and understanding of the Hispanic market. This has been our bread and butter, prior to the growth of the Hispanic population and the dominant position this plays in the US economy.
    • • We represent your business and communicate to your clients and settle their concerns in a prompt, polite, warm and fair approach.
    • • We are committed to providing accurate and reliable consumer assistance.
    • • We extensively train our agents regularly.
    • Presently, Callzilla is one of the most reputable Spanish call centers. Call us today to get risk-free consultation to find out how we may assist you.